Why invest in Bad Penny Entertainment

Bad Penny has spent years working on relationships with the right people in both London and Los Angeles. This means that we’re able to gain access to hugely valuable branded assets and pair them with industry leaving talent for controlled costs.

The upside to investing in a single project is that it suits an investor’s passion. The upside to the Bad Penny Entertainment model is that it affords the company and the investors better access to top creative talent and a better seat at the table when negotiating deals with partners.


  • Bad Penny Entertainment in working with Axel Kuschevatzky will access the top Latin American and Spanish directing talent. One of the most important creative elements to a project is its director.
  • Whilst the greater proportion of moviegoers will not concentrate on who the director is – unless they happen to be a household name – Actors, Distributors, Financiers and Sales Agents do. Latin America and Spain have provided some of the most exciting directors the world has seen in recent years.
  • The films will be selected and packaged in a way that reflects what is commercial and viable in today’s industry. For example, a horror movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it offers the most secure return on investment of any genre and has the highest rate of breakout or ‘crossover’ potential. Meaning a low budget does not necessarily mean low returns.
  • All money received from the all of the film sales will be collected into a collection account where it will be untouched until the end of the (SEIS) third year after investment, to comply with SEIS rules and to avoid capital gains.
  • The shares will pay out a dividend to all investors pro rata with their share ownership. After this time the investors will continue to receive payments every 6 months from all receipts for 5 years and once a year thereafter. These payments will be subject to normal taxes.

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